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There’s so much you can do to create a welcoming guest room, that goes way beyond a comfy bed and bath towel. Set up your guest’s space with these 10 fabulous suggestions, and you can feel confident they’ll have a very a happy stay.

1. Space To Settle
To help your guests settle in quickly and feel at home, keep the room furnished sparsely, allowing enough space for your guests personal belongings and luggage. 

2. The Spa Treatment
If your guest room doesn’t include an ensuite bathroom, then leave a set of plush towels for your guest. A pretty assortment of soaps, shampoos and toiletries, will make them feel all the more indulgent - plus that extra hair dryer, toothbrushes and toothpaste, will never go astray. 

3. Hanging Space
If your guest room includes a built in wardrobe, be sure to have it well equipped with hangers and a full-length mirror. If the room has no wardrobe, then a portable garment rack, or a few hooks installed onto the back of a door, will do nicely. 

4. Bedside Convenience
A bedside table (ideally with shelves or cupboard), will help guests keep their stuff close at hand. Style it up with a bedside lamp, stack of magazines and an aromatherapy candle, and they will feel like it’s relaxation central.

5. Tech Savvy
Many people’s activities today rely on using their mobile phones, so consider keeping an extra phone charger available for your guest. Where possible, try to make the power outlets in the room easy to access, so guests don’t have to climb under beds, to plug in their devices. A universal charger is also a wise addition for international visitors.

6. Climate Check
A freestanding fan and extra bedding give your guests the option to adjust the temperature to suit their comfort level. Extra pillows are also really helpful, especially if they like to read or browse their laptop in bed.

7. Light The Way
Finding your way around an unfamiliar home in the middle of the night, can get a bit risky. Place a night-light in the hallway to protect your guests from unfortunate accidents and to avoid them waking up the whole household. 

8. Paperback Hero
A leisurely read is a great way for guests to wind down. If they happen to be staying for more than a couple of days, then ticking off a few novels from their wish list will feel like holiday bliss. Choose an assortment of popular fiction and non fiction books, and include them as part of your welcome package. 

9. Little Extras
Many times it’s the smallest details that make someone feel extra special. Once you’ve made up your guest room, look at it with fresh eyes and consider what little things could be added to make it more personalised for your guests. Perhaps a box of tissues on the night-stand for unexpected snuffles, a mini-steamer to touch up clothing wrinkled in transit, or a small hamper of delicious snacks are all wonderful ways to make them feel really appreciated. 

10. Guest Guide
Write a handy list that will help your guests find their way around your home and the neighbourhood. You could include your family’s timetable, emergency numbers, Wi-Fi passwords and television instructions. Where to find extra toiletries or supplies around the home, plus directions to your local shops, are also thoughtful. If you know your guests will be keen to get out and about, then a calendar highlighting local events, tourist attractions and concerts currently showing, is sure to be a big hit. 

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