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Girls, have you ever thought to yourself ‘what is it with men and their man caves?'. Why does a grown man have a burning need to escape his loved ones and happily hideaway for hours at a time?

Whilst the idea of needing a man cave is an enigma for many females, it is clear they fulfil a need for most men on the planet.

I think it’s high time we explored this masculine mystery, and discovered the world of men and their man caves.

Let’s start with the obvious.

What Exactly is a Man Cave?

A man cave is basically a playroom or space for grown men to do whatever (well, almost whatever), they please.

Man caves come in all shapes and sizes. They can be a simple room in the basement or attic, a converted garage, a large office, or even a tree house in the backyard.

It doesn't really matter what form they take, what matters, is his 'cave' is a space to hang out alone, indulge his passions and once in awhile invite his best buddies over to share.

Inside The Man Cave

The whole premise of having a man cave is for your guy to chill out with those testosterone charged thinga-mee-bobs, he loves to surround himself with.

In his sacred space he can play X-Box and PlayStation for hours on end, flick though his beloved stash of car magazines, watch footy final re-runs and action movies to his heart’s content, or tinker on the bike, the boat, or building his biceps.

Perhaps the most satisfying thing a guy gets out of his man cave (and the scariest for females), is the freedom to decorate it however he likes.

You know all those ugly things he brought with him when you both moved in together?  The stuff you insisted stayed in the garage. We’re talking, Star Wars paraphernalia, clunky sports trophies and that ugly black furniture.

Well you can bet they all take pride of place in a guy’s man cave.

Every Guy Needs A Cave To Call His Own

Believe it or not, a 'man cave' can be a positive thing for a relationship. It provides a guy with a sanctuary, a place where he can go to unwind and recharge.

In fact, it’s proven that whenever you create your own space - one that is decorated by you alone - it positively affects your emotional well being. Guys need time alone. Women can also need ‘alone time’ but often it also includes the company of close friends.

The Ultimate In Man Caves

Whilst the simplest 'man cave' tendencies may only see guys retreating into the home office for a few hours, some guys go all-out with their man caves.

A quick Google, and you’ll be amazed at what’s out there. Transformed offices resembling nostalgic pubs, state-of-the-art media rooms with plush leather seating and panoramic screens, contemporary pool rooms decked out with wet bars, and classic cigar lounges with vintage-inspired decor.

You’ll even find expansive underground garages where luxury motor vehicles line up alongside swanky cocktail bars and casino-style set ups.

It seems ‘man caves’ are truly the answer to fulfilling his teenage fantasy!

The Great Escape

If your guy needs a space without noise or interruptions - a private ‘hang out’ where he can enjoy those things only other men truly understand - then be reassured, it’s a natural desire that is ultimately doing everyone some good.

The great thing is, if you allow him the time and solitary space he needs, then he’s likely to come back to you refreshed and ready to connect with you in a more meaningful way.

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