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Television shows like Reno Rumble and the Block have proven particularly popular in recent years and have highlighted Australia’s enduring fascination with property.

Not only have these shows captured the attention of a property loving nation, but they’ve also shown homeowners across the country that they too can engage in DIY projects with great results, though having said that, there are many tasks which are best left to the professionals.

If you have plans to put your property on the market and you’re considering styling your home before you do so, bear the following points in mind, whether you choose to put your DIY skills to the test, or leave everything in the capable hands of the pros.

When is a property in need of styling?

Generally speaking, most properties are in need of styling before they’re listed on the market, with some homes in need of more attention more than others. 

However, you must also be aware that if your property is relatively inexpensive, or is in a condition in which any interested party would only be interested in it because they plan to renovate it immediately, then styling may not only be superfluous, but could also represent a waste of money.

If your property is empty, i.e. devoid of furniture, dirty, messy, or decorated in poor taste, then styling will most definitely be in your best interests, and could help you to get a higher selling price.

Understand what potential buyers will look for

It’s not only important to understand what potential buyers look for in a property, but also what will make them wary. This is a good point to make because many sellers go to such great lengths to make their properties appealing, but only succeed in making potential buyers suspicious of what lies beneath the surface.

Buyers expect properties to look somewhat ‘lived in’, so don’t clean to the point of making your home appear sterile, and don’t try to make it too homely either because potential homebuyers want to envisage themselves, and not your family, living there.

Some top tips from real estate agents to help you style and present your home for sale include airing out the house, removing pets and pet paraphernalia for the day, clearing out the garage and any mess lying about the house, displaying fresh towels in the bathroom and fresh flowers in the kitchen and dining areas, mowing the lawn, and sorting out cupboards and wardrobes so they look neat and tidy.

Create a property presentation/styling checklist

Additionally, create a property presentation/styling checklist so that everything that needs to be prepared for the inspection hasn’t been overlooked. If there are things that need fixing before inspection day, make sure they’re all fixed in advance.

The benefits of styling your property before putting it on the market include a higher sales price – as much as 7.5 to 12.5 percent according to one Australian study – a greater number of parties taking an interest in your property, and a quicker sale.

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