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A wonderful workspace should provide the perfect balance of inspiration, comfort and functionality.

No matter what style of work you do, we’ve made it easy to take your home office from bland to brilliant with these 9 simple steps.

1. Palette

Choose a colour palette that inspires, but doesn’t overpower the space. Natural shades of cream, off-white, grey or taupe, make a room easier to style and can enhanced with seasonal updates to keep your space fresh and inviting. Don’t be afraid to introduce a splash of bright colour, such as yellow or mint, which inspire creativity and lift energy.

2. Workstation

Keep your desktop uncluttered and create as much bench space as possible. Follow the “essentials only” rule, by keeping only the items you need within arm’s reach. Style it up with a few meaningful touches, like fresh flowers, pretty stationary or a single scented candle, but don’t go overboard - you’ve got work to do!

3. Lighting

Nothing is more demotivating than a dreary, dark office cubicle. Ensure your office gets plenty of natural light and an abundance of fresh air - and keep those windows clean! Your stress levels and energy will thank you for it.

4. Chair

Invest in the best ergonomic chair you can afford. If your body suffers, then your mind will too! Selecting a chair in a bright pop of colour also works wonders for a bland environment.

5. Storage

A well-kept office allows you to start fresh each morning. It also helps to make time your best friend. Use baskets, boxes, and colourful organisers to store all documents and create order to your workflow. Take full advantage of the all space you have available, using both vertical and horizontal space for storage.

6. Comfort

Embrace casual elegance as your motto whenever styling a home office. A comfortable area is much more inviting, so try to infuse welcoming touches alongside practical ones. If space allows, include an armchair or stylish sofa — it’s a lovely way to add comfort to a space you use everyday.

7. Greenery

There's nothing more uplifting in any room, than a splash of living green. Bring in the outdoors with a healthy plant (or two). It will add that extra freshness you need to perform at your best.

8. Organize

At the end of a productive day, everything in your office needs a home. That way, each time you start a new project, you know can find what you need. Keeping a space organised, is the best kept secret for success!

9. Personalise

Surround yourself with your favourite possessions. Hide away clunky printers and ugly filing cabinets and showcase those personal treasures that show your personal style. Attractive art, flowers or inspiring objects all elevate the feeling of comfort and create a nice balance between homey and professional. An attractive and personalised workspace should lift your spirits and spark your brain waves.

Remember, you don't have to be an interior designer to transform your home office into a stylish work pad. Whether it’s splashing on a fresh coat of paint, adding comfy touches, or indulging in that designer desk you’ve been ogling, styling your home office is about creating a space that brings out your best every day. 

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