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A master bedroom can often be a space that provides a haven for more than just sleeping. Whether it be working, reading, relaxing or romance – it’s important to create an environment that makes you feel comfortable and special.

Here we share some master bedroom styling tips that when applied to any bedroom, will not only make it look wonderful, but also make retreating to your master suite so much more appealing!

1. Pick your palette
You want to create a calm yet sophisticated palette that will stand the test of time. Neutral shades like, white, cream, silver, gold or charcoal – always work well and will calm both male and female’s senses.

2. Lux it up with linen
Invest in the highest quality linen for your master bedroom. Also, purchase your linen that in one size larger than your bed (i.e. use King-size linen on a Queen bed). This is a trick stylists always use to make a bed look luxurious and indulgent.

3. Clear the clutter
Clear out your wardrobes of any excess clutter. A good place to start, are those suitcases on top of the wardrobe shelf! Once you’ve cleared out everything you no longer need (or want), revamp your wardrobe by colour-coding your clothes and using matching timber hangers to make your wardrobe space look super stylish.

4. Re-position your bed
Step back and look at where your bed is positioned within the room. Have you chosen the best position for it?  The positioning of your master bed (and other furniture) can greatly impact the sense of space and energy in a room. Make sure you have easy access to wardrobes and windows and then experiment with a variety of layouts, until you find one that feels and looks great.

5. Add attractive artwork
Re-invent your space by installing a beautiful piece of artwork that inspires and draws you in. Remember to keep it simple – just one or two pieces is a good rule of thumb. Also consider the ‘feeling’ the art conveys - and choose a piece that reflects the vibe you want in your room.

6. Create a reading nook
If size permits, set up an area in your master bedroom as an inviting reading nook. Add an armchair (or two!), a small side table and a reading lamp. Scatter attractive cushions and a small stack of books – and you’ll be eager to escape to your new space every day.

7. Add large lamps
Big, bold, dramatic bedside lamps are fantastic for creating maximum impact in a master bedroom. Choose simple, classic designs that go with your colour scheme – and watch how they add warmth and a sense of luxury to your space.

8. Throw it over
Add another layer to your bed decor by adding a throw rug to your bed. Make sure it’s a generous size (too small and it can look cheap instead of luxurious) and in a shade that compliments the colours in your master bedroom.

9. Get creative with contrast
You don’t have to always ‘play it safe’ and stay monochrome when styling a master bedroom. For extra impact consider adding contrasting colours and textures. Using crisp white linen on your bed, works as a great starting point and then you can add contrast with exciting scatter cushions, artwork, lamps, throws and so on, from there.

10. Scatter with style
Whilst carefully positioned scatter cushions can be an amazing finishing touch on an eye-catching bed, often they’re the hardest decor element to master. Look at decor magazines and/or bedroom styling advertisements for inspiration and choose a symmetrical design for a formal look or, alternatively, an asymmetrical design for a more casual look, when dressing your master bed.

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