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Whether a stand-alone room or a feature of an open-plan area, your dining room is a space that should be functional and beautiful!  Follow these styling design tips to create a dining room that’s always fabulous for your family and friends!

1. Set The Table
The hero of a stylish dining room is always the dining table.  Choose a table which accommodates the room well, plus your family and guests. Ideally, choose a table that is large enough to showcase attractive tablescapes such as food platters, centrepieces and decorative decor, so your room always shines.

2. Make a Statement With Chairs
Whether your style is modern, traditional or quirky, a gorgeous chair means for a statement dining room. Always check the height of your chair and table together before you purchase them, so dining at the table is comfortable.

When choosing chairs for your table, don’t be afraid to steer away from chairs that match your table. Old vintage tables can look amazing with sleek, contemporary chairs and vice versa.

If you have an open dining area leading into other rooms, a round table can work really well. Replacing sharp corners with smooth edges makes, for safe flow of traffic.

3. Style Up The Windows
Do your dining room windows look a little bare? Give them a new lease of life with some fabulous curtains or stylish shades. A dining room is also the perfect place to go bold with your decorating - choose deep, rich colours and create a sense of drama.

4. Light It Right
It’s easy to update an outdated dining space with brand new lighting. Choose a statement light to showcase over the dining table. Pendant lighting also works well as a focal point - it brings in an interesting design element and helps to define the space without additional lighting required.

5. Create Interest With Decor
Rather than just setting up a room with a table and chairs, get creative and generate interest in your dining space.

Think of your dining table like you would a coffee table and accessorise it with exciting vessels, foliage and centrepieces. Another way to create interest is to hang a larger-than-life piece of art on the dining wall. If you hang the art low at eye-level, it becomes an amazing backdrop to every meal.

6. Add Warmth & Texture
If your dining room is all sleek lines and edges, bringing in warmth and texture will help balance the overall effect.

Chunky wooden dining tables and chairs help to anchor a contemporary room bringing in warmth and texture. Plants and fresh blooms also help bring in the freshness and texture of nature.

Have fun mixing up your dining room decor with different colours, textures, and metallics to balance the energy and bring life to your room.

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