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They may just be there to just get you from one level to the next but that doesn't mean your staircase shouldn’t look fabulous. Give your staircase the same decorating treatment as the rest of your home with these decorating ideas and transform it to a whole new level.

White it out
One of the easiest ways to transform your staircase is to cloak it all in white. When you paint the walls, balustrades and staircase, all in white, it opens up the space beautifully and creates an overall stunning effect. Add one piece of furniture in a rich contrasting tone, to the stairwell or landing, and it will frame the space beautifully.

Rainbow of colour
Seeing panels of colour flow up the banisters is a bold and creative touch. Multi-coloured or ombre-toned stair panels work really well, especially in hallways that are screaming for personality. You can also take the splash of colour one step further by adding a bold striped runner or infusing the colour palette used in other rooms to create a harmonious theme.

Make the old new
This one small decor trick takes very little effort, but will immediately add impact to your staircase. Simply outline the skirting boards with a vivid coloured ribbon so your eyes are instantly drawn upwards along the staircase. Adding a vibrant contrasting colour to an older original style staircase, will modernise the look and fast-track it into the 21st century. 

Contrast with carpet
If your stairwell space and background is predominantly white, choose a vibrant carpet to showcase the stairway. Striped carpets always add a classic look and invite the eye upwards, rich warm tones and patterns create a cozy feel, whilst neutral or light toned carpets, keep the space feeling light and fresh. 

Wow with lighting
Often, something as simple as installing a new light fixture or shade over your staircase, give it the makeover it needs. Don’t shy away from making a statement. Consider featuring a striking pendant light or sophisticated chandelier to bring in the wow factor. 

Whimsical wallpaper
Decorating the risers with wallpaper is a sure-fire way to infuse style, colour and personality into your staircase. Depending on your decor style, you can either go with a delicate pattern or make a  real statement with bright, flamboyant paper.

Black and white style
A black and white staircase is the perfect way to create a fresh and classic look in a tight space. Paint the balustrades and risers in crisp white, then offset with black on the treads and handrail. This striking combination is the ultimate decorating couple that will stand the test of time.

Gallery glamour
A stairway is the perfect place to display those old photographs and memoirs that are long to be admired. Create your very own gallery with a collection of co-ordinated or ornate frames and you’ll add character to an area of your home that is typically forgotten.  

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