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Typically a northern-hemisphere celebration, Halloween is now embraced by many Australians as a great excuse to play dress ups and party. If you’re ready to go all out and capture the Halloween spirit this year, the good news is, it doesn’t have to be a huge task. With just a little creativity and a quick trip to your local craft or novelty store, you can bring to life a DIY Halloween theme that would make any witch or warlock proud.

Create a Pumpkin Patch Entrance

Wow visitors right from the start by lining your pathway and front entrance with big bright pumpkins of all different shapes and sizes.

Weave a Webby Wall

Use thin black or silver twine and weave a spider web wall feature. Attach a handful of plastic spiders and your creepy crawly artwork is practically life-like.

Win Over Trick or Treaters with Mini-Ghosts Lollipops

Themed treats are always a hit with both big and little kids alike. In order to create a ghost-like wrapping, just drape each lollipop with tissue or baking paper with ribbon tied around the base. Add ghostly black eyes and your mini-ghosts look deliciously wicked.

Ramp up the Spook Factor with Ghoulish Windows

Give your windows a morbid makeover with spooky silhouette cut outs.  Simply cut a Halloween inspired shapes out of black cardboard - monsters, witches, cats and owls, all look awesome. Then attach cut outs to the inside of each window. Back light your silhouettes for an eerie glow and your haunted house is open for business. 

Illuminate the Night with Twinkling Lights

Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween, without glowing flickering night lights. Light up the front and back garden with strings of jack-o-lanterns, fairy lights and miniature candles to give your home that fantasy atmosphere.

Display Poisonous Potions

Use recycled glass containers and bottles and turn them into faux bottles of deadly concoctions. You can create your own labels or choose from an amazing selection of vintage-style labels you can download online. Give each potion an eerie name such as Cyanide Soda, Elixir of Doom, Toxic Tonic, and Eye of Newt. Display them on a vintage-style tray and watch your guests grimace, as you offer them their brutal brew.

Go Batty with Bats

Create a cluster of bat cut-outs in black felt and tie them to tree branches or twigs positioned in a large pot. DIY bat shapes also work well hanging from the ceiling, attached to lamp shades throughout the house, or strategically placed in the garden and trees.

Transform a Tablescape into a Halloween Haven

A Halloween themed table instantly creates a festive Halloween mood. Create charming centrepieces with mini pumpkins, spiders or skulls. Cluster them together with chunky dripping candles, fake cobwebs and knotted moss. Drape sheer fabric over table and chairs in contrasting shades for a super dramatic effect.

Keep Drinks Cool Pumpkin Style

Need a quick ice bucket for your Halloween bash? Carve out a large pumpkin into a festive drink cooler. Just choose a large, wide pumpkin, cut off the top and scrape out the pulp and seeds. Line with a glass or plastic bowl and fill with ice and bottled drinks.

Keep It Chic & Creepy

Just because Halloween usually goes with an Autumn theme, doesn’t mean your decorating has to be all orange or mismatched. You can choose to decorate in an elegant minimalistic style and go with an elegant gold and white, black and silver, or muted monochromatic hues that still wonderfully capture the essence of Halloween, yet still beautifully compliment your home’s decor. 


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