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Whether you have a corner cubicle, a home desk, or a spacious office with floor-to-ceiling windows, everyone could use a little extra space and storage in their office. Make your work-life organised and fresh with these 6 smart office space solutions.

1. Shred it!

Shredders are one of the most satisfying space-saving tools out there. During a busy workday we have a tendency to throw papers around - especially papers that we don’t need. You’ll quickly find your desk piled with junk that you have to spend an hour cleaning up. With an efficient shredder, you’ll help keep your desk de-cluttered (and confidential).

2. Organise your desk

Now that you’ve cleared all the papers from your desk, it’s time to maximise your worktop. Place everything in order of most use. For example, you likely use pens and your laptop the most, so position penholders and chargers in close proximity to your seat at the desk. You likely don’t use the label maker every day, so that can go into storage on the other end of the room. Even tape, highlighters and folders, should be hidden away if they’re not used on a regular basis.

It’s also a great idea to invest in some document sorters and desk organisers. Document sorters are a great way to store and file papers you need easy access to on a daily or weekly basis. This way your papers are within reach but still organised, so as not to clutter your desktop. Similarly, desktop organisers for your supplies, like your phone and personal belongings can be a decorative touch to keeping your space free of clutter.

Pro Tip: Hide your cables and wires. Keep them under the desk, coming up through a hole, and tied together with coloured table ties. If you don’t have any holes in your desk, place coloured duct tape over the wires to hold them in place and add some decoration to your space!

Remember, if you’re desktop is clear, your mind is clear.
3. Maximise floor space

Underneath your desk and chairs can be utilised for storage as well! Buy some storage bins that will help you file away papers, hold supplies, house books, and more. You can use traditional filers and add your own decorate touch, or buy wicker baskets and unique storage boxes to add your own personality.

You may even want to add a mini fridge in your office! This will give you quick access to snacks and drinks, so you don’t have to stop mid-project to run and get some sustenance.

4. Use vertical space

Vertical space in an office is highly underused. Using your walls and desk-sides are smart office space solutions that can instantly add more square footage. Cork is trending this 2017, so go ahead and cover your walls in cork bulletin boards. It’s a great way to add pictures, notes, and any papers you need to keep track of in a chic and practical way!

You can also use drawing pins on cork or fabric walls to hang supplies right on the wall! With the right set up you can hang pens, scissors, tape, binder clips, notes, and more on the vertical space of your office!

Another option to consider is using command strips or nails to hang file holders directly on the wall, saving your desk from disorder.

5. Add some light

Don’t forget to consider your lighting when maximising your office space. Lighting helps to make your space look and feel bigger and brighter. In the evening or in the middle of the winter, your eyes will thank you for some extra light.

Save space by purchasing a lamp that includes storage in its base. Another lighting alternative is to drape a set of string lights on your walls!

Pro Tip: Place a mirror across from your lamp or in a nearby area. Mirrors make the room feel more spacious and they will reflect the light, giving you an open bright feeling. Mirrors are one of the simplest and cheapest smart office space solutions!

6. Add some greenery

Although it takes up space, a desktop plant provides extra oxygen that helps keep you refreshed, focused, and productive for longer periods. Plants also keep you grounded, especially in tight quarters when you’re feeling stressed and anxious. If you don’t have the time or inclination to care for a plant, opt for an air plant in a small terrarium. It will give your office a modern fresh look with minimal upkeep.

One of the easiest smart office space solutions is to simply keep your area clean and organised. With the right tools and a touch of personality, you’ll create an office space that is productive, creative, and dynamic!

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