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If you were to ask Australians about stressful life events, packing up one home and setting up a brand new one would come close to the top of the list.

And no wonder, with details like getting the power switched on, having hot water, transporting valuable possessions and keeping the kids and pets safe all competing for your attention.

With that in mind, here’s our quick list of tips and tricks about how to reduce your stress levels on moving day!

Hot Water and Internet
Not having hot water, power, and internet connected in your new home after a big moving day can really bring down the excitement levels. Make sure that the information about all of the essential services for your new home are covered as part of the legal process when you buy the property.

Contracts with utility companies stay with the property, not with the former owner, so when the ownership passes, those agreements will too. Because it is such a common occurrence, there are a range of online and phone services offered by major utility and internet companies to help you with the move, so be sure to speak with your provider in advance.

Finding the Right Removalist
The tried and tested method to finding a good removalist is to get a recommendation from a friend or family member. But if you cannot find a personal referral, there’s a great site called It lists a range of options in your local area, and also contains reviews and recommendations of those providers from previous customers who have experienced the service for themselves.

Packing Tips 
Everyone has their own style when it comes to packing, but there are some core rules that can help you get unpacked and set up faster.

First of all, having a detailed inventory list is essential. Numbering each box as you pack is the best way to know that nothing got left behind. You can also add the box number next to the item on your inventory list as you pack so that you know exactly where everything is when it comes to unpacking.

To minimise breakage, invest in new rolls of good quality tape and plenty of bubble wrap, which you can get from any office supplies store. It doesn’t make sense to save $25 on packing materials when you might have to spend ten times that to replace the contents of just one moving box that isn’t packed and sealed properly.

On Moving Day
On moving day, start as early as possible so that you can maximise the daylight hours when everything is easier to do, especially in winter. If it is raining, duck down to the local newsagent or supermarket and buy some disposable rain ponchos for everyone so that you can keep dry and have both arms free during the day.

If you have young children or pets (or both) the least stressful option by far for everyone is to arrange for them to spend some time with their friends or a family member. But if the kids are old enough, be sure to save some details of setting up their room so that you can do it together, as studies have shown that this can help ease the transition to living in a new home.

Every person who moves house does things just a little differently, but if you stick to some of these tried and tested methods, you will definitely find moving day a little less stressful, and be able to start enjoying your new home sooner!

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