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If you are one of the growing number of people in Australia who would rather have a home built to their personal specifications than have to compromise by acquiring one that was designed to please as many potential buyers as possible, this guide is for you. Before you get serious about building your dream home, you need to consider what is involved and whether you are happy to accept the extra responsibilities that come with the extra choice.

The Steps Leading To Your Dream Home

No two residential construction projects are identical but the following steps normally form part of any successful build.

• Research - The very first thing you should do is to spend some time researching the latest developments in the world of construction and try to get a feel for the direction in which residential building trends are currently heading. Sustainability is a buzzword in the industry right now: house designs that make it easier to lead a sustainable lifestyle by minimising energy usage.

• Budget - Informed by the research that you completed in the first stage, you should now be well placed to decide on a budget for your new home. Whether the main factors shaping your budget will concern the type of property you wish to build or how much you can afford to borrow will depend on your personal circumstances but either way, you need to come up with a realistic figure before you can proceed.

• Design - Once you have a good idea of what is going on in the world of residential developments and which trends you would like to follow when building your home, you will be in a much better position to choose a designer. You should of course choose an individual or a firm with the same design interests as you, to improve the odds of a smooth working relationship. Your designer will prepare a comprehensive plan that can be used in the next stage to find a competent builder.

• Building - With the design process completed, you now need to find a local company that can take your dreams and plans and turn them into a solid, good-looking home. You can use the plans prepared by your designer to request quotations from companies you are interested in hiring or put the job out to tender, i.e. invite anybody who is interested to submit a detailed proposal within a certain timeframe. When you have made your choice, the construction of your new home can finally start.

As you can see, the steps above paint a very broad outline of what is involved in building your own home. There are many other factors that you will need to consider along the way, including the materials you would like to use, the site on which you wish to build your property and the time frame within which you would like it to be completed. You may well find the whole process is a lot easier if you hire an experienced consultant to help and advise at each step.

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