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Planning on moving house in the near future? Whether you are moving across the country or just down the street, the process can be exhausting to say the least. With that in mind, here are a few life hacks for moving house:

  • Leave envelopes with your new address at your old place: This allows the new residents to easily post any new letters to you in the event that an item or two slips past the forwarding protocol. Just be sure to affix postage first!
  • Make reassembling furniture easy: The trick here is to keep all of the nuts, bolts and other hardware with the piece of furniture they belong with. Place them in a plastic baggy and tape them directly to the article of furniture in question.
  • Take photos of everything when you move in: This assumes you are moving into a rented unit. Taking pictures gives you a clear record of the condition of the house, which could help you get more of your deposit back. It’s also wise to take pictures of the gas, electric and water readings at the start of your first month.
  • Cut handles in cardboard boxes for easier lifting: Just be careful where you place them, as this one can create problems if done incorrectly. 
  • Wrap fragile glassware and dishes in tee-shirts: Kill two birds with one stone and save a little bit of money on bubble wrap by putting your clothing to good use.
  • Keep clothes on hangers and bundle them: You can bundle articles of clothing on hangers and wrap them in an unused plastic rubbish bag for easy transport and unpacking.

And remember, nothing beats letting the professionals give you a hand. If you have the budget and relish the idea of simplifying your move, hire a removals company to make your life easier.

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