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The right landscaping project can add value to your property and help you attract a lot more attention from prospective homebuyers when you put it on the market. You don’t have to break the bank sprucing up your garden and it’s truly amazing what you can achieve on a small budget.

A leaking tap can detract from the overall feel of your garden and property, as can a single missing paling from the fence. Make cleaning up and repairing your garden and its features, including water features like ponds and fountains, one of your first projects.

Visible problems like leaks, missing palings and problematic irrigation systems make potential buyers wonder what other problems are waiting in store for them.

Clean and maintain
Any tiled, paved or bricked areas, like the patio or garden path, should be clean and well maintained. Use a power washer to clean these surfaces and they’ll come up looking very attractive and give the impression that the outdoor areas have been taken great care of. This is an excellent way to give instant curb appeal on a budget.

Trim and tidy
Any tree branches that are too big or hedges that have become wild and unsightly looking should be shaped or trimmed back. This further gives the impression of a garden that’s been well maintained, plus it makes the garden look tidy and orderly.

In the garden
Buy some attractive tags and label as many plants as you can in your garden. This is a little touch that homebuyers love because it helps them to identify the plants and trees around your yard. A small job that can really make a big impression.

These simple gardening tips will give your property notable curb appeal.

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