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Keeping the kids entertained throughout the holidays can be a big challenge. So we’ve done the creative thinking for you and come up with 12 awesome ideas to keep your active angels busy, whether inside, outdoors or the type of weather. 

1. Head To An Indoor Play Centre
Indoor play centres offer a great alternative to outdoor parks, especially when the weather isn’t friendly. Not only are they fun and safe, but you can relax with a cappuccino for a couple of hours, while the kids go nuts bouncing on inflatables and zooming down slides. 

2. Create A Treasure Hunt
Create a list of interesting items for your kids to find and collect around the house and garden. Get creative with unique items that are more challenging to uncover, such as a rubber band, a straw, a red sock, a white feather, a pine cone, a river pebble - you get the idea! 

3. Make Paper Planes
Gather up all the scrap paper and get busy making a whole bunch of paper planes. Once you have your fleet ready, launch them from various spots around the home to see which ones fly the furthest.

4. Host a Dance Party
Invite around their friends, load up the iTunes with their favourite party hits, and let them bop till they drop. Bring out the drinks and snacks and they’ll have a blast (plus their friends’ parents will be forever in your debt!)

5. Get Gardening
People of all ages enjoy gardening, and that includes kids. It’s also a fantastic way to teach your children about plant life and the value of patience. Designate a garden bed and get digging, watering and planting seeds. You never know, you may have a budding green thumb in your midst. 

6. Turn On The Sprinklers
Splashing around on a hot Summer’s day is heaven for kids. And even better when you can make the sprinklers do the work for you. Set up a number of sprinklers across your lawn and create a start and finish line. Then get the kids to run from one end to the other without getting wet. Nominate an older child (or yourself) to control the tap and keep turning the sprinkler on and off at random. There’ll be screams of delight for hours. 

7. Join a Sport Workshop
Many local sports clubs run kid’s half or full day workshops during the holidays. What better time than in the holiday season to try a new sport - they can learn everything from tennis to golf, martial arts to swimming, football to trampolining, or test out their singing, dancing or dramatic skills.
8. Play a Board Game
Bring out their competitive streak with a fast-paced board game the whole family can play like Twister, Connect, Scattergories or Wet Head. Games that get them thinking quickly, will keep them entertained and mentally challenged at the same time. 

9. Visit a Farm
The holidays offer the perfect opportunity to introduce your children to farm animals. Look for farms or wildlife parks in your area and take a day trip, or make it a whole adventure and stay a few days. Many farms offer activities for kids that include holding baby animals, farm walking tours, milking cows and more. It’s a truly rewarding experience you will all remember forever. 

10. Hit The Beach
A day at the beach is quintessentially Australian. Even if the weather isn’t great for swimming, it’s still a great place for walking, exploring and getting in touch with nature. Take your plastic buckets and shovels and hunt for crabs and critters in rock pools, collect shells, or build a super sandcastle that’s Facebook worthy! 

11. Go 10 Pin Bowling
Go retro and line up those 10 pins for a strike. There are plenty of bowling alleys dotted around the metropolitan area catering for families of all ages. It’s a great day or night out and they even make it easy for the little ones to join in, with ramps and bumpers for beginners. 

12. Anyone for Ice-Skating?
There aren’t many spots that experience a winter wonderland in Australia, but that’s no reason why you and the kids can’t have fun on the ice! Many ice rinks offer an ice-skating experience all year, and there are also additional ‘pop up’ rinks you can find during winter. Don’t worry if your skating is not up up to Torvill & Dean standard, the kids will enjoy watching you fall over as much as they do.

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