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We’ve brought together our love of decorating and style to help you illuminate your home with these lovely lighting ideas.

You know it’s interesting when it comes to decorating, how many of us will spend hours choosing the right carpet, the perfect wall colour, or the best couch, but we put hardly any thought into the correct style of lighting. Perhaps it’s because there are so many rooms to light up? 

In order to get your lighting right, you first need to understand what different styles of lighting there are and what purpose they play. 

You’ll find that your options for home lighting are usually a combination of the following:

Ambient lighting
This is the main lighting in any room that illuminates the whole area. Ambient lighting can include the main ceiling light, wall lights, or down lights.

Task lighting
Specific task lighting is one or more lights that light up an area for a special purpose such as studying, reading or cooking. Typical spots include above a desk, above or below kitchen cabinets, and standing or table lamps strategically placed to light up the space.

Accent lighting
Lighting that ‘accents’ an area directs attention to an area of interest in your home. Accent lighting is typically chosen to showcase a piece of art, highlight architectural details within the home, or to create a decor statement of its own, such as a feature pendants or a striking chandelier.


Now that you understand the different style of lighting, the next step is to look at your lighting requirements.

The first place to start, is to map out a floor plan of your home. Look at each individual room and list what activities take place there.

Here are some suggestions to get you started:

The entrance of your home creates the first impression. Choose a chandelier or pendant that reflects your decor style and makes a great impact from the get go!

Good lighting in a kitchen is always important. Go with overhead lighting that is attractive and still practical for the high level of traffic and activity. Overhead lighting, such as downlights and track lighting are popular in kitchens. Under-cabinet lighting that stays illuminated when the overhead lights are off, is also a lovely touch to create ambience in an open plan kitchen and dining area.

Lounge room
Soft lighting in lounge rooms is the best choice. This is where you relax in the evening, watch TV and socialise with friends. Ambient lighting styles that set the mood or overhead lighting with a dimmer switch, are perfect for lounge rooms. You can also create a beautiful effect with a combination of stylish floor and table lamps.

Dining room
A dining room should not only be beautiful, but also well lit. Make meal time an inviting one with a striking chandelier or pendant above your dining table. Here you can be decorative, but still want to make it easy for dinner guests to see what they’re eating at all times of the day.

There are so many creative options for bathroom lighting. Everything from contemporary wall lights to frame a mirror, stunning statement pendants than hang above a freestanding bath or mini twinkling chandeliers, have the ability to turn your wet room into a luxury boudoir. Whilst ambient lighting is always gorgeous in a bathroom, remember to also add accent lighting where needed - especially above the mirror, where applying makeup and self grooming are a priority.

Just like the bathroom, a bedroom benefits from a variety of lighting styles. Overall you’ll want to keep the lighting soft and ambient for a tranquil, peaceful room. A central overhead pendant is always a good choice for general lighting, however,  the true ‘stars’ of your bedroom are the bedside lamps. Big lamps look fabulous on bed side tables and gorgeous pendants hanging from the ceiling, really ramps up the wow factor.

Have fun exploring the many types of lighting ideas. The best part about choosing lighting for your home, is it never has to be permanent. You can upgrade or change up the style, whenever you like.

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