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Everyone knows that landlords and managing agents have to size up potential tenants to make sure that they select a renter who is going to treat the property with respect, pay their rent on time and refrain from irritating the neighbours.

But what about renters and their choices? In this post, we’re going to offer a few tips on how to avoid signing away a year or more of your life to a less-than-ideal landlord.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when vetting landlords:

Are they proud of the property?

A good landlord is going to take pride in the property, and you’ll be able to detect this in the way that they talk about it. If they’re proud of the place you plan to rent, that means they’re going to take good care of it when it comes to maintenance throughout the tenancy – and expect the same from you.

Are they easy to contact?

If you’re having trouble contacting your potential landlord before you’ve signed the lease, just imagine how difficult it will be after you’ve committed to staying for 12 months. Those who are prompt to reply to queries are more likely to carry this behaviour over once you’ve moved in.

Do they strike you as open and honest?

The best landlords are transparent when it comes to the property’s history and previous tenants. They’ll also be up front about any extra fees you’ll be expected to pay. If you detect dishonesty, you’re better finding someone else to rent from.

Do they have credentials?

If you’re considering renting a home which is self-managed by the owner, you should enquire as to whether they are a member of any local landlord associations – both for their own sake and to earn the trust of potential renters. Be wary of lone-wolf types who feel that they don’t need to carry any credentials.

This being said, working with a local real estate agency is often the most effective way to gain access to reliable landlords in the area and enjoy a trouble-free tenancy.

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