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Understanding how to arrange and display your belongings throughout your home like a stylist - whether collectibles, books or artwork - gives you the ability to transform an ordinary area into something out of the pages of a glossy mag.

It’s the mix of personal touches that truly make a house look (and feel) like a home. Sentimental objects, moments from your travels, and coffee table books, all create gorgeous vignettes when placed together with style.

Don’t be afraid to experiment either - a little creativity can really make the difference. Simply begin by playing with different displays by adding and removing items until you find a look you’re happy with.

Here are some more tips to help you think like a stylist and master the art of display everyday!

Create Collections

A great way to make an impact is to display collections of items. A blank wall can be transformed with a collection of eye-catching items such as clocks or plates, themed items, antique collectibles or vintage photographs. Groupings of artwork and family photos also make a great statement when done with flair. When hanging artwork or photographs, choose a mix of larger landscapes and portraits, then use smaller pieces to fill in the gaps to create the overall shape.

Display It Out In The Open

Add a warmth to any space (even work zones, such as kitchens and laundries) with open shelving. Pair stacks of everyday times such as bowls and plates with pretty stylish pieces such as plants, books and decor pieces for a homey charming display.

Lean Your Large Artwork

There’s something whimsical about a painting or print propped against a wall.  Choose a large canvas or frame for a bigger impact and display it casually on a bench top, shelf or simply against the wall.

Create New Shelf Space

Many fill their shelving to the brim with books and accessories. Whilst it’s tempting to overfill a bookcase or shelf, turn it into a chic space by removing some items and creating open space. Mix up the books and objects to display both horizontally and vertically and introduce height by toping stacks of books with decorative objects. You can even add small items like photo frames and candles to make your shelves look more personal.

Divide Open Plan Living

With so many homes now featuring open plan living, the trend to feature furniture that divides spaces into designated zones has come to the fore. Dividing a room, either visually or physically, to create smaller, more intimate zones makes it more visually appealing and more functional.

An open bookcase or shelving unit provides a striking feature and is an easy way to divide a large room. Similarly, a decorative divider that doubles as art adds style and loads of character. Another way to highlight zones is to lay down rugs in each designated area. As well as being visually interesting, they make an open plan area cosier without the need for a physical barrier.

Work With Odd Numbers

Every stylist knows that items placed in a set of three is much more appealing and memorable than things paired off evenly. Even numbers create symmetry, whilst odd numbers create interest. Displaying items or furniture in groups of threes is a simple way to capture attention and display your belongings with a stylist’s touch.

Experiment with Prints & Patterns

Beautiful pattern and texture combinations are featured everywhere in nature. The bark of a tree, river stones in a flowing stream or moss on a rock face, are all beautiful examples. Natural patterns and textures create interest in your home. A great way to add pattern and texture is to incorporate cushions, throws and rugs into spaces throughout the home, to help create the mood you desire.

Styling A Coffee Table

Wherever there’s a blank space on a coffee table, console or sideboard, there’s an opportunity to bring in a stylist’s touch. Thoughtfully displaying a gorgeous coffee table book, a decorative tray and a beautiful candle, can instantly give a stark coffee table wonderful new life.

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