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Accidents involving electricity are some of the most common in Australian homes. Despite very high electrical safety standards, every year many Australians are injured, or worse, because simple electrical safety measures have been overlooked.

Never attempt electrical repairs 
If you’re not a qualified electrician, don’t attempt to fix any electrical issues that arise at home by yourself. Even though it may appear to be a simple job, if you don’t get it right you’re putting your family’s health and safety at risk. 

Install safety switches 
Every Australian home should be fitted with safety switches. If your safety switches were installed a long time ago, chances are you’ll need to have extra switches fitted. With lifestyles that are much more reliant on energy than in the past, we’re using far more electricity and many older homes aren’t ready for the extra electrical usage. 

Check electrical cords 
Damaged electrical cords can start a fire, blow a fuse or give someone a nasty shock. Check all electrical cords around your home and make sure they don’t hang down from benches where they’re accessible to young children. 

Never piggyback plugs 
This is a notable problem in recent times, one that’s directly related to our need for more energy. Piggybacking electrical plugs puts greater strain on the extension lead, the socket, as well as the appliances connected to it. 

Throw out damaged appliances 
Appliances that are damaged should not be used. When an appliance is no longer safe for use, cut the cord off and arrange for it to be recycled properly. Your local council should provide an appliance recycling service. 

Additionally, if you haven’t had your property checked by a qualified electrician for a few years, it’s time you did. A household electrical safety check will set you back very little, but they save lives.

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