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Your little angels spend a lot of time in their bedroom. From sleeping to playing and learning, it makes perfect sense that this special space reflects their little personalities. Here are our best decor tips to give your little darlings a personalised place to call their very own.

Design Inspiration
You can take inspiration from everywhere, but always follow your intuition. You know your child. Take photos, browse decor sites and get out in nature. Inspiration can found everywhere. 
Before diving in, experiment by picking pieces and colours that speak to you. Then gather items together into one space and see which ones enhance each another. At the end of the day, it’s best to keep in mind that your design is for kids. It should be a space that reflects fun, whimsy and ideally stimulate creativity.

Clever Colour Palettes
A new coat of paint is one of the quickest ways to give a room new life. Keep the basic foundations of the room a neutral canvas, so it’s timeless and tasteful. Then, simply bring out the fun and personality with items that can be easily updated as they grow and interests evolve.

Wonderful Wall Art
Eye-catching wall murals add a wow factor to a bare wall. Choose a gorgeous hand-painted wall art that features stunning scenery, storybook themes or tranquil treescapes. Alternatively, feature your child's name or initials, to make it one-of-a-kind. 
For a simpler (more affordable) option, you can feature whimsical wall hangings, vintage wood signs and charming banners to transform a ho-hum room into a sweet space.
Another fun idea for a child’s room is to use wall decals. These come in fabulous range of patterns and themes, plus they’re removable - which is always a big bonus. Allow your little one to get creative with spots, stars and other cute icons, to bring to life their very own design.

Nurture Their Creativity
To inspire budding little artists, apply chalkboard paint to their room. You can either paint a whole dedicated wall, the back of the door, or simply hang a framed chalkboard and let the creativity begin!

Clever Quilt Covers
If you’re on a tight budget, a bright new quilt cover is one easiest and quickest ways to decorate a kid’s room. Whilst superheros and princesses will always be a fave, it’s best to steer clear of ‘cliche’ commercial themes. 
Bold patterns, simple blocks of colour, or calming neutral tones, are classics that stand the test of time. Plus, you can always add a bunch of colourful cushions in interesting shapes and textures, to spice it up.

Smart Storage
Children’s rooms need lots of storage and ideally things to be at their level. Fabric storage bins make tidying up toys and odd items a cinch and easier for the kids to put things away themselves.
Likewise, wardrobe space, benches and coat racks will be used more often, if they’re easy for kids to access. An easy way to create easy access to everyday clothes is to install a second rod in their wardrobe, which can simply be removed as your child grows. 

Also, remember to allow for growth. Their toy collection will expand as they get older, so the more storage you have the better.

Show-It-Off Shelving 
Another smart idea is to add lots of shelving. Children have plenty of things they love to display - so you’ll never be short of an ever-changing vignette of favourite toys and special memories to show off. Why throw all those pieces of Lego in a tub, when you can display their creative masterpieces on a shelf?

Lovely Lighting 
Lamps and lighting fixtures add a strong decorative element to any room. When choosing a new light fitting for a child’s room, don’t go too small. People tend to think tiny for kids areas, but bold, chunky lamps and statement light fittings look fantastic. It’s also wise to add a reading light for those bedtime stories and a soft alternative to the main focus lighting.

Make it Magical
Transport your little one to magical place with a luminous ceiling. Use glow-in-the-dark paint to create a cluster of stars and moon up above, or likewise showcase a shimmering cityscape around the edge of the room. It’s a wonderful way to get them excited about turning off the lights and peacefully drifting off to sleep.

Play Up Their Personality
After all, this is their domain. Think of creative ways you can showcase your child’s unique personality. It could be as simple as displaying a meaningful object, such as their first toy, reflecting passions or hobbies, or inviting their input in the decor decisions. 

Displaying handmade touches is also a lovely touch. Take the paintings or artwork they’ve created and proudly display them in a collection of stylish frames on the wall.

Factor in the Fun
Every child loves to play and that includes playtime in their bedroom. Maximise the centre floor space by pushing the furniture back against the walls. Add a generous comfy rug and some colourful cushions or beanbag seating and you have a cozy space for play. 

Another way to add a fun element, is to allocate one corner of the room for a favourite activity. A dedicated desk and materials for arts & crafts, a sweet reading nook complete with miniature armchair, lamp and bookshelf, or a Lego construction centre, all encourage creative learning. Whilst an Indian Tee Pee, Medieval tent or indoor cubby house will instantly transport them to fantasy land.

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