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A breezy balcony is the perfect place to create your own private oasis, socialise with friends, or to just linger on those balmy summer evenings.

But if you’re avoiding this valuable outdoor area, because it’s less than lovely, then we’ve got some great ways to decorate your balcony, so you can transform it into one of your favourite hang outs.

Deciding On Design

When planning the decor for your balcony, it’s best to view the area as an extension of the adjoining room. For example, if your balcony extends from a living space, continue the look and feel of the interior decor, so you create seamless indoor/outdoor living. Likewise, if your balcony adjoins the master bedroom, then a relaxing read nook, or intimate space for cocktails with a view, makes perfect sense.

Most of all, ask yourself how you want to “feel” when using your balcony,. Then bring that feeling to life with texture, pattern, colour, shape and scale, - using everything from furniture to planters, to accessories, and beyond.

Stretching The Space

Don’t let a small space prevent you from making your balcony inviting and comfortable. You’ll be surprised what can fit into a snug spot.

Bring in a comfortable couch and scatter some cozy pillows for that homey appeal. Use a large table as a central focus, or build in bench seating. If feature lighting options are limited, then add large scented candles or lanterns, for soft romantic lighting and sweet relaxing aromas.

Creating Fabulous Flooring

Focusing on updating the floor of a balcony first, instantly gives it new life. For quick fixes, repaint old tiles or pavers with exterior paving paint or create a fresh green garden vibe by laying down fake grass.

For a more intensive makeover, cover the existing flooring with timber decking or new stylish pavers.

If you’re DIY is restricted by a landlord or stringent Strata laws, then simply introduce an outdoor rug to add a fab pop of colour and decorative interest to the area.

Bringing in The Green

For a fresh and airy space, add a variety of potted plants to your balcony.  As well as looking fabulous against balcony walls, green plants create extra amounts of oxygen.

Even if you have a micro-sized balcony, always allow room for plants, or consider installing a vertical garden for an amazing wall of green.

Styling With Soft Furnishings

Have fun accessorising your updated balcony with soft furnishings in stylish patterns and textures. Decorating with attractive furnishings is a great low-cost and commitment-free option, especially for renters.

Once you’ve layered your balcony with stylish accents, complete the look with statement-making pieces, such as art, ornaments and candles and string lighting.

Bringing In Beachy Vibes

Another great option for your balcony retreat is to hang up a colourful hammock. Continue your beach theme with your decor, and bring in cane furniture, beachy homeware accents and a cool colour palette, for the perfect faux-seaside escape!

Maximising With Mirrors

A well-placed mirror has the ability to transform a small balcony into a spacious oasis, simply by enhancing the light and accentuating the space.

Position your mirror so it captures the sunlight or reflects a beautiful view. If you’re unable to install a hook on the outside wall to hang your mirror, then opt for a larger mirror you can just lean against the wall instead.

Then, Voila! Your balcony just took on a whole new perspective!

Filling With Foliage

Strategically placing flower pots and foliage-filled planters around the edge of your balcony floor, is a simple way to inject lots of colour and personality into your balcony decor.

If you’re a passionate cook, include some edible planters or a herb garden, so you always have fresh ingredients at your reach.

Adding Wonderful Aromas

Nothing is more inviting than a seductive fragrance. Lavender provides a wonderful aroma on any balcony. Whilst plants like jasmine, honeysuckle, roses, clematis and thyme, also fill an outdoor space with delightful scents and soothe the senses.

Keeping It Perfectly Private

Balcony screens that let in dappled light and air, yet create a sense of intimacy are perfect for urban balconies. Draping fabric is another way to make your space private, without any heavy-duty construction.

If you have a large balcony or a roof terrace, then a clever to create a feeling of privacy, is to set up a central seating area, surrounded by large trees or bamboo screens. It gives you and your guests a sense of security and intimacy, even if not fully shielded.

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