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Picture this... you finally get home after a long hard day at work, dump your belongings and retreat to your most relaxing spot... the bathroom. It’s the one place where you can escape, wash away your troubles and rejuvenate from head to toe, in a tranquil environment.

Sound too good to be true?  It doesn’t have to be. We’ve got 11 amazing ways to share that will transform your tired bathroom into a luxurious day spa. All you need is some creativity, a little investment and a relaxing day spa is at your everyday indulgence.

1. Enhance What You Have
No need to knock down walls or spend a fortune on new fixtures and fittings to create a ‘spa style’ space. Simply look at how you can change the mood and feel of your bathroom. Could you add fresh fragrances, flowers, candles, relaxing music, sound-proofing, soft towels, essential oils, or even a small water feature to instantly give your bathroom an uplifting feel and make it more inviting.

2. Think Minimalistic
When it comes to a modern zen-like style, simplicity is the rule. Keep your bathroom free of clutter with plenty of clean space. Make good use of cupboards and shelving to hide unwanted personal items and clear away clutter that is unnecessary.

3. Create Colour Calm
Re-paint tired or unsightly walls in calming shades. Choose soft colours in natural tones, such as pebble, mushroom, or soft grey, or enhance with muted tones of light green, blue or lavender.

4. Beautify The Basin
Create the look of a contemporary spa by replacing your old basin with a clean-cut basin. Adding modern touches and sleek finishes instantly transforms an ordinary bathroom into a luxurious abode that will have ‘day spa’ written all over it.

5. Accent With Timber
Natural timber and wooden accents have always been quintessentially ‘day spa’ decor. Natural timber adds a touch of warmth and grounds the stark “coolness” of a bathroom.  Whether it’s faux wood tiles, a featured timber vanity, or a collection of wooden accessories, bringing in the allure of nature is always a winner.

6. Set The Mood
The style of lighting featured in a space is an integral part of modern design. Instead of harsh, bright lights, change the lighting in your bathroom so it can be easily dimmed to softer, ambient lighting. When choosing new light fittings, look for modern designs with clean lines and geometric shapes - and always go for the best quality your budget can afford. Skylights are also another great idea for updating bathrooms, as they add an abundance of natural light.

7. Soft Indulgences
Often it’s the little special touches that make all the difference in a bathroom. Large fluffy towels, a soft plush bath mat, a silky robe draped over a door hook - all create the impression of a relaxing day spa. Indulgent items don’t have to be expensive and make your space look gorgeous when displayed on a shelf or bench. Be sure to roll the towels, or stack them like a pyramid, for that seriously elegant day spa appeal.

8. Finer Details
When you go to a luxury day spa you’ll notice the attention to detail is high. Thoughtful inclusions such as a beautiful wall feature, a Balinese sculpture, an elegant painting or ornate mirror, to create a sense of luxury and escape. Add something of beauty and/or interest to your bathroom and it will feel like you’re forever staying in a classy hotel.

9. Rainfall Shower Style
Whilst an average shower head may be acceptable for your average bathroom, the shower in a luxury spa should be something super special. Indulge in a rainfall showerhead (they start at under $50) and truly notice the difference they make. You could also take it one step further and install double showerheads – one for either side of the cubicle. Now that’s bathroom luxury!

10. Go With Greenery
Add a touch of green to your bathroom by bringing the outdoors in. Organic design marries perfectly with day spa style design, so a healthy plant (or two) included in your bathroom space, will do wonders.

11. Add Lots of Warmth
No-one likes spending time in a chilly bathroom. So ensure you include heating in your luxe day spa planning. Whether you choose to go upmarket with a heated towel rail or heated tiles, or just opt for something simpler, like a portable wet-room heater, it will ensure your bathroom is as cosy as it can be!

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