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All of us benefit by having a special spot we can escape to. Blissful surroundings help us to balance our energy, relax our minds and soothe our souls. So why not make that special soothing sanctuary your home?

There are no strict rules to setting up a home sanctuary. Sacred spaces can be created anywhere. Simply follow your intuition and include elements that make you feel relaxed and inspired.

Here are some gorgeous ideas to make your home uplifting to your spirit and inviting to your senses.

1. Bliss-Up Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is literally the last room you escape to and recharge for the next day. Make it a cozy haven with soft luxurious fabrics and fluffy comforters. Invest in the highest thread count sheets you can afford, for a luxurious sleeping experience. Infuse a sense of serenity with lovely decorative touches, fresh flowers and scented candles in soothing colours, so it always feels like you’ve checked into your favourite luxury hotel.

2. Simplify Your Living Space

Our living rooms see a lot of action on a daily basis. Simplify a busy traffic zone by minimising visual clutter and softening decor with natural or monochromatic tones. Plants have a wonderful calming effect in a living space and surrounding yourself with special memoirs like antique heirlooms and family portraits, helps to maintain a sense of warmth and belonging. If you display magazines and books on a coffee table, style them in thoughtful vignettes that evoke a sense of calm and tranquility.

3. Beautify The Bathroom

Transforming your bathroom into an inviting mini day spa is easy with a few simple touches. Bring in gorgeous candles and healthy lush plants to brighten up dull corners. Display a stylish tray that cradles pretty parcels of soap, delicious shower gels and high-end pampering products. Stock up on plush towels in “feel good” hues and feature nature-inspired artwork on the walls. Then make the most of your mini spa by setting aside special “me” each week for a luxuriating bubble bath or long steamy shower and let your troubles float away.

4. Add a Restful Reading Nook

Setting up a relaxing reading nook is a wonderful way to switch off from busy or negative energy. Find an area tucked away from everyday noise and family activities. Add a comfortable chair or day bed, a small side table and an attractive reading lamp. Then add some personality to your nook by throwing in some stylish cushions, a soft throw and a small vase with a pop of colourful flowers. Now you have a comfortable corner that makes escapism an easy event.

5. Create a Mindful Mediation Space

Meditating is wonderful way to instantly clear your mind and invigorate your body and spirit.  So why not make it easy to practise on a daily basis with a meditation space in your home. You don’t need a large area, just a room or space that makes you feel good. To make your mediation space more personal, add items that soothe your soul. Bring in bells and chimes, a small statue of Buddha, crystals, beads, or any artwork that enhances mindfulness. Also include a meditation pillow, small table and rug to make the area comfortable. To help connect yourself with nature, include elements such as your favourite plant, a jar of shells, or trickling water feature. To complete your soul lifting set up, burn some incense, aromatic oils or candles. 

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