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Just because the weather is turning chilly, doesn’t mean you need to say goodbye to enjoying the outdoors. There are many alterations you can make to your outdoor entertaining space to create a cosy alfresco experience. With some imagination and clever planning, your outdoor space can move beyond being a summer hang out and instead become the perfect location for those colder months.

Shelter From The Cold
A winter outdoor space requires shelter from the wind, rain and plummeting temperatures. Look for sheltering options that protect you from the weather, but still let in adequate natural sunlight. An electronically-controlled sunroof or a retractable canopy are both great choices. 

Add A Fab Fireplace
You can instantly transform a covered alfresco space into a winter haven just by adding a fireplace. Not only does a fireplace add warmth, it also creates a focal point for your outdoor area. If a full-sized fireplace doesn’t fit your budget, add a fire pit as an extension of your outdoor space is a great idea for entertaining.

Comfy Outdoor Seating
Go beyond cold and uncomfortable timber benches and invest in durable outdoor seating or an outdoor couch that makes your outdoor room cosy and classy. Play up existing outdoor furniture by layering accessories, adding lots of cushions, throw rugs and rugs to make the space warm and inviting. 

Cosy Finishes
In addition to your outdoor furniture, adding soft luxurious furnishings and fabrics will transform a cold outdoor space into a gorgeous living room. Keep your toes cosy with a stylish outdoor rug. Brighten your outdoor furniture with layered textured cushions and plush throws in rich woven fabrics or velvet. When the weather turns warm, it’s easy to store them away in boxes ready for next year. 

Heat It Up
Outdoor heating is an absolute must for a winter outdoor space. There are plenty of options to choose from, outdoor fire pits and fireplaces as mentioned above, or metal braziers, chimineas and patio heaters. On a practical level, ceiling-mounted gas heaters add warmth without compromising on precious floor space. Also installing cooking devices like pizza ovens, rotisseries and barbecues are great for cooking up a storm and adding warmth outdoors. 

Ambient Lighting
Another great way to invite warmth and atmosphere to your outdoor space is to include ambient lighting. Decorative and functional, outdoor lighting comes in all shapes and sizes. Wall lights, pendants and garden lights help to create moody shadows and give your space an enchanting feel.

Removable Blinds & Shutters
Blinds and shutters are another great way to protect yourself from the elements and add a new dimension to your outdoor area. Clear, tinted or shade view blinds are a great idea as they can block out both the wind and rain in winter. 


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