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A beautiful piece of art literally has the ability to bring a room to life. Whether an original canvas, a print or meticulously sketched pencil drawing, eye-catching artwork instantly sets the tone of a room and expresses who you are, to your guests. So, before you head out to choose art for your home, take a moment to consider its size, framework and placement, so you can showcase in the very light.

1. Walls

Begin by deciding which walls in your home provide the best canvas for showcasing art. It is not necessary to hang artwork on every wall. The art you choose is a reflection of you, so give it plenty of room to shine by leaving some blank space around it. The mantle on top a fireplace, is always a great place to display a favourite piece in living room, as it instantly catches your eye when walk in the room.

2. Colour

Consider what colours work well in a space before choosing your art. The colours you choose help create the mood for a room. Strong bold colours draw attention to a location, and look amazing in entertainment areas, such as the dining or living room. Subtle tones like light blues and greens, are cool and relaxing and work beautifully in bedrooms. Whereas warmer tones (golds, browns and autumn tones) are comforting and work wonderfully in areas that invite guests in, such as entries, hallways and lounging areas.

3. Placement

When choosing the dimensions of your art, a good rule of thumb is to mirror the size of the wall. If you have a long horizontal wall, put up a long horizontal canvas (or collection of pieces) in that space. If it is a narrow and vertical space, then place artwork that is also narrow and vertical to fill the same space. Mirroring the height or length of the wall, will help make the room feel larger. Also, don’t be afraid to invest in a canvas that covers the entire wall. It can be an amazing statement piece in any sized room.

4. Frames

The correct frame acts as bridge between your artwork and a room. When choosing a frame, select a style that complements the architectural features and furniture in your room. For instance, if you have timber floors, choose a timber frame, if you have silver lamps in your lounge area, choose silver frames, and so on. Choosing the right frame is also a great way to introduce contemporary artwork into a more traditional space, so that they marry beautifully.

5. Contrast

When it comes to choosing artwork, the style or architecture of your home doesn’t have to dictate the type of art. Contemporary art can look amazing in a traditional setting and often will make an impression that a traditional landscape couldn’t. Similarly a beautiful print or charcoal from one of the classics, can bring an interesting element to a modern space.

Another way to create contrast with art, is to vary the texture of the pieces within a room. If you have a print framed behind glass over your desk, then mix it up, by hanging a canvas on the opposite wall. Variety keeps the eye and mind interested.

6. Lighting

A well-lit piece of art invites people into a space. Consider what lighting you have in a room and whether it will accentuate your artwork. If possible, you may want to move your existing lighting to a new position, or add additional lighting to illuminate your piece.

Also, when it comes to hanging glass-covered art, avoid areas that are prone to glare. Stay away from walls directly across from windows as the light will bounce off the piece and camouflage your art. If you can’t avoid the glare, then consider investing in non-reflective museum glass to solve the issue.

7. Intuition

Investing in art is a long term commitment. So always follow your heart. If a piece looks beautiful but you don’t feel anything for it, move on. It’s better to stare at a blank wall for a while than watching something that doesn’t make your heart sing!”

At the end of the day, knowing what art to choose for your home, is about buying what you love. Art is personal choice and you’re the one who will get look at it and appreciate it every day, so make it’s something you love! 

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