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Are you in love with a black and white palette? There’s no denying that decorating in black and white certainly creates a stunning effect - but it can also easily go disastrously wrong. 

If you’d like to know how to infuse some black and white pizzazz into your home, without looking like you’ve gone too far, then we’ve rounded up a list of black and white trends to ensure your room says sophisticated-style not eye-sore colour clash!

How to Decorate in Black and White

Just like decorating any room, the first step is to decide how you want your room to feel. Use words to describe the vibe you wish to create - words like calming, dramatic, sophisticated or classic, are all great descriptives that serve as a springboard for inspiration. You can also find inspiration from a piece of gorgeous fabric, a piece of art, or take cues from high-end fashion. The most important thing, is to make a statement with your black and white decor, otherwise it will fall flat.

Scandinavian versus Graphic

When most people imagine black and white interiors, they can tend to think highly graphic or over-glamorised decor - think black and white damask or black and white checkered flooring- but this look can be somewhat outdated. Instead, go for a Scandinavian aesthetic, to modernise and simplify your palette. There’s nothing more captivating than an all-white space with black accents and industrial touches. If Scandinavian is too minimalist for your taste, then try adding black grasscloth to your walls for a more luxe vibe and white sheepskins draped over your seating.

Aim for Contrast

White gilded mirrors, white window frames, and bedding in different shades of white look amazing strategically offset against dark walls. You end up with a stunning result that is soothing, rather than all dark and stark. Likewise, whitewashed walls become extra-welcoming when accessorised with black and white decor such as pillows, candles, art and flowers.

Black and White Living Rooms

Although this bold colour duo is more commonly used in contemporary kitchens and glam bathrooms, it can create a truly inviting living room, especially when used with monochromatic hues. A black and white palette is easy to work with and will give your living area a sense of sophistication and refined elegance. 

Industrial Style

One of the most striking decorating styles for a modern home is the industrial-inspired look. Think warehouse conversions, New York lofts, and quaint homes or apartments transformed into breathtaking abodes. Black and white decor and industrial go arm-in-arm. Whether you go for a full colour palette or for just add a splash of charcoal and white elements into a mostly grey and silver palette, it’s bound to look sensational. 

Black and White Boudoir

Combine a palette of black, white and “greige” with a few metallic, mirrored and crystal accents for a decadent bedroom space. Crisp white linens and luxury bedding look amazing showcased against a black feature wall. Add a smattering of well thought-out details such as black-and-white photos, bold lamp shades and dripping crystal chandeliers, and your bedroom will always shine in the spotlight.

Smart Black & White Kitchens

Black-and-white checkerboard marble floors lend classic personality and a little whimsy to traditional, all-white kitchens. Throw in a high-gloss black island and chrome hardware to keep things unexpected and the busiest room in your home will look stunning and glamorous.

Art Deco Style

Without a doubt, black and white is the iconic art deco palette. Classic, timeless and super sophisticated, it adds a sense of drama that says ‘Old Hollywood Glam’ through and through. Opt for a black and white art deco style in your decor and you’ll create an effect that can’t help but dazzle. 

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