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It may seem like yesterday that you decorated your baby’s nursery and now it’s already time for upgrades and changes into a toddler’s bedroom.

Constantly revamping can get expensive, especially if your child quickly changes their tastes, so thinking long term is the key for saving you money down the road!

Here are some design tips for awesome kid bedrooms that last the distance...or at least until they’re teenagers…

1. Keep the walls neutral

Jungle wallpaper with monkeys, or Thomas the Tank Engine will date, so stick with neutral walls for more flexibility as your child grows older. Classic colours, such as white, neutral taupes, greys and blues, give you much more scope for designing an adaptable room and swapping out pieces and accessories for their changing tastes.

2. Use classic and multi-functional furniture

Your child may love his car bed when he’s 4, but when he’s getting closer to 10 he’ll probably be over it. Investing in classic bedroom furniture from the get-go can solve this issue, as it can be easily styled with future additions or swapped out into other areas of the home. 

Multi-functional furniture, such as a bed that transforms from a cot to toddler size, or an adjustable height table is well worth investing in. A desk-and-bed combination can also save space.

3. Purchase quality bedding

It can be tempting to go cheap with bedding but quality bedding lasts for years if it’s well looked after. Think long term and purchase a quality mattress protector, duvet inner or quilt, and pillows. These items can be accessorised with cheaper covers in keeping with your child’s colour and style preferences and updated in the future.

4. Utilise storage

Teddy bears? Barbie dolls? Certificates? What your child wants to display will change with every passing year, so having adequate storage (closets, shelving, baskets) at your disposal, will make it easier to manage the ebb and flow of items. Treasured items don’t have to be tossed but simply put away to make room for new things.

5. Use accents of colour and decoration

If your kid has a penchant for hot pink and sparkles now, in a year’s time it could be sunny yellow and polka dots. This is why keeping the walls neutral is key. A monochrome background, allows you to play with accents of colour and interchangeable elements of decoration such as wall decals and soft furnishings. 

6. Introduce wall art space

Keeping one area of the room free for hanging their artwork - no matter what their age - serves as gallery of expression. You could use a peg board to pin it up or frame a few pieces that really stand out. 

Stuck for ideas? Instagram and Pinterest can be a huge inspiration for home designers wanting to furnish and design a kid’s room that won’t need constant changes. Simply take ideas from different places and add your own touch to make it unique!

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