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Do you wish you could make doing laundry more of a joy than a chore? We’ve got nine nifty tricks to turn your laundry room in an efficient workspace so you can leverage your precious time and space.

1. Maximise Space
The key to functionality in any laundry room is to use every inch of space you can. Wire storage racks always work well, especially when space is limited. Use them to store detergent, dryer sheets and other items in small storage containers. Wall hooks are also a great addition to cater for those wet weather coats, pool towels and to help smaller items dry. If possible, add additional shelving to any unused corners to streamline your space. Similarly, upper wall cabinets offer versatile storage for extra hobby and sport supplies.

2. Folding Station
Rather than struggling to sort clean clothes on top of a dusty dryer or over a washing basket, set up a flat clean work surface in your laundry. A foldout shelf, built-in counter, or small table are all great options. Just remember to keep it clutter-free whenever it’s not in use.

3. Drying Rod
Unlike a drying rack - which holds a few shirts at most - a drying rod installed across a doorway or mounted high above a shelf, is perfect for drying shirts or other garments on hangers. A drying rod is also helpful when you need somewhere to hang those pressed shirts when ironing.

4. Personalised Baskets
A labelled basket for each bedroom’s clean folded laundry avoids the inevitable question “Where’s my shirt?!”  Display a row of baskets along a shelf or bench in your laundry to keep the family’s laundry super organised. It creates an attractive alternative to a huge pile of mismatched clothes that never seem to make it back into their designated drawers.

5. Extra-Dirties Hamper
Give those extra dirty items - such as muddy sports jerseys and sweaty workout gear - a temporary home of their own, and streamline your washing load. A canvas bin or standalone laundry basket will do the trick. Just be sure to let the whole family know it’s there, so they can put it to good use.

6. Cleaning Kits
How often do you lose a button or need to mend a hem and can’t find your sewing kit?  Create a collection of handy cleaning and repair kits that are always within easy reach. Everything from stain removal to sewing repairs to shoe care, can be placed in a clearly labelled box. When that next hiccup occurs, you’ll know exactly where to find the solution!

7. Add Some Pretty
Just because it’s a laundry, doesn't mean it has to be drab or without style. Dedicate some spare shelf space to feature items that make the space feel fresh and inviting. Designer soap and washing products with pretty packaging, rolls of white fluffy towels and lush green potted plants, all add a dash of decadence, in a space that is often neglected.

8. Set The Vibe
Turn laundry into leisure time by adding a music station to your laundry room. Whether a bluetooth speaker filled with your fave iTunes, or an old Beatbox churning out disco hits, adding some melodies to your laundry time will make it your favourite time of day!

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