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Summer makes the air in your home feel heavy and sticky, and you end up longing for some cool relief. No matter how much you blast the air-conditioning nothing seems to stop the overbearing heat. So what can you do to keep your house chilly and homey without hiking up the electricity bill? 

Here are the 7 easiest ways to stay cool this summer and beat that unbearable heat. 

1. Keep your blinds closed 

Open windows let in the hot air so you want to keep them closed, but if you don’t close your blinds over them the windows can create a greenhouse effect in your house. Windows reflect sunlight, making the inside room feel even hotter than the outside!

Simply closing your blinds can significantly lower temperatures by several degrees, especially with windows that face the south or west (where there’s more sun exposure during hot periods of the day).

2. Position a fan across from the window 

If you feel constrained in a house with all closed windows and blinds, you can open the window—if you place a fan across from it! A fan facing the open air window creates a cooling crosswind for a nice breeze into the room. This is one of the easiest ways to stay cool this summer when having guests over for a summer party. This technique brings in cool fresh air and helps to avoid crowded stuffiness. 

P.S. Do you own a ceiling fan? Set it to turn counter-clockwise. This will create a cold draft, while the clockwise direction produces heated air.

3. Create an ice fan 

Whether you do this with the fan across the window or a fan pointed directly at your face, this tip is one of the best ways to stay cool this summer. Fill a shallow bowl with ice and place it directly in front of the fan. The air from the fan will pick up the water evaporating off of the ice’s surface, creating an instantly cool mist entering the room. Another great party cool-down trick! 

4. Use a wet sheet in front of the window 

One of the most effective ways to stay cool this summer is to hang a wet sheet in front of the window. This does the work of steps 1, 2, and 3 combined! You can open the window for fresh air, but the sheet acts as a shade to keep the harsh rays out. 

Similarly if you wet the sheet with chilly water before hanging, the air coming through the window will carry the cool droplets with it generating a chilly breeze that quickly drops the temperature within the room! 

5. Keep your interior doors open 

Inside your house, closing doors can make the hot air stick in one room. Unless you never plan on entering that room, you don’t want dense air trapped only to be released when you open the door. (Also, if the heat and humidity is bad enough it can potentially ruin your belongings inside the room.)

Instead, keep all your doors open to let the air circulate throughout the house. This will freshen up stale-air and allow your house to take a calm, relaxing breath. 

6. Stay away from the stove 

One of the yummiest ways to stay cool this summer? Ice cream, anyone? Using the stove or any electronic appliances can drastically heat up your kitchen space. Instead, chomp down on some deliciously cool treats or throw some shrimp on the barbeque outside. 

Use your exhaust fans after cooking indoors (or in the bathroom after taking a shower) to help draw the added heat out of your house. 

7. Hydrate 

Finally, drink water! Did you know when you get dehydrated, your body actually gets hotter? Make sure you and your guests are drinking plenty of water to stay refreshed. Putting ice packs on pulse points like the wrist and neck, can cool you down instantly as well. 

With these 7 ways to stay cool, you and your house will be ready to take on the heat, the sun, and the fun! 

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