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Believe it or not, 2017 is already in full swing! As we settle into the new year, it’s time to settle into our homes too, with the top interior decorating trends for 2017. The overall theme? A return to nature!


All sorts of green shades and tones are going to be featured throughout homes in 2017. From vibrant lime greens to a rich deep emeralds, this shade gives an organic and natural feel to bring you closer to earth and spirituality.

If an all-green room is too much for you, it can easily work as a great accent colour too! Painting one wall with three lighter walls as contrast, can open up the look of the room. Green accents on plates or pillows can also spruce up a neutral colour palette, while keeping you chic and on trend in 2017.

Jewel Tones

Another popular colour scheme is not a return to nature, but a blast to the future! Colours inspired by the clouds, cosmos, and space will take us away from our lives and into a floating, silky atmosphere.

These colours are inspired by metals such as quartz, opal, and amethyst. Jewel tones are more subdued than the bolder trend of green, but will still be popular all year.

Muted Colours

Neutral and muted colours are the perfect complement to greens and jewels. White, beige, camel, and blush pink, will all be interior design trends for 2017. They also compose a classic and timeless colour palette for any year!

Grey reigned in 2016, and it’s back again this year! Tonal grey is a wonderful comple-mentary backdrop for all sorts of colours, including rich greens and jewel tones.

Tropical Prints

Tropical styles recently made a splash on the runways with designers like Marc Jacobs, Prada, and Emanuel Ungaro. They’re hitting the home next with wallpapers and design fabrics. This is another great way to return to the earth, livening up winter decor or blending seamlessly into summer style.

If you want a more subtle incorporation of the tropical prints trend, use throw pillows to refresh a plain sofa, and interchange them throughout the house to create a new look every week!


Texture is one of the hottest (and easiest) interior trends for 2017! Just like mixing fabrics was hot in the fashion world, using different textured throws, pillows, furniture, and wallpaper is the next big look for the home.

Texture gives more depth and length to a space, enlivening a room with little effort.


Terracotta and cork are going to be the textures of the year. Terracotta with a natural matte finish adds warmth and character that’s great for bathrooms and fireplaces. It gives a natural, earthy feel without overdoing it.


Cork is a practical texture that also brings in a natural look. It can be used on coffee tables, end tables, stools, or covering an entire office or bedroom wall and then you can pin notes and pictures as you need! Cork is also the best way to absorb background noise in an open plan home. 


Add geometrics to your living room or kitchen to add the look of texture without any construction or high price. Pieces that pay tribute to African and Asian cultures with triangles and patterns look stunning against a muted colour palette.

Upholstered Bedheads

Add texture to your bedroom with an upholstered headboard! These bedheads have always been a staple of luxury hotels, and now they’re making their way into the home with our interior trends for 2017. They add a sense of glamour and lavishness, working as a focal piece for the room. You can even make them yourself for a low cost with a high reward!

Marble and Brass

Finally, marble and brass are the materials of the year.

Marble was huge in 2016, and some claim marble is on its way out of the style books. However, when you mix it with brass, it adds a new look that is one of the top interior trends you’ll find going.

Marble is natural, clean and polished, while brass is industrial and glamorous. We love designing with contrasts. Other textured materials featured will be wicker and clay, bringing back that earthy feel even more. 

Incorporate these hot interior trends for 2017 in your home to create an earthy, organic, and natural look that will be gorgeous and tranquil all year round!

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